The Wisdom of The Chazon Ish,zt’l

1-The Chazon Ish advised Men Seeking to marry to stay away From Stubborn women. (Maran Harav Sternbuch,shlita in the name of the Chazon ish)

2-A Teacher in a yeshiva is not only required to be a competent Teacher and a good communicator ,a Teacher is required to be one with SUPERIOR character. (Emunah Ubetachon)

3-Choosing the right words to say captures the virtue of silence More than complete silence.

4-it is spiritually unhealthy and Dangerous to postpone talking with someone who seeks help and inspiration. (Letters of the Chazon ish)

5- it is quite doubtful that someone who lacks in his character could achieve torah Scholarship.

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The Following Topics will be Discussed on Youtube over the Next few months with Rabbi Leib Tropper

1-Prayers with Tears


2-What and who is a Rabbi?


3-Strict and Halachic Leniency


4-Is there a hebrew word for ‘fun’?


5-The qualities of a friend


6-A Comparative study of Truth

And Truthfullness


7-Living in Exile and its consequences


8-Respect for government

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What is not happiness?

There is much written about the one of the ineffable emotions called happiness.


Even a writer unknown to most of the population at large but familiar to many

In the Orthodox Community , Rabbi Zelig Pliskin ,attempts to press a position

Regarding Happiness.


Rabbi Leib Tropper,shlita  does not suggest to invite himself into the Happiness

Topic. When I asked Rabbi Leib Tropper for an explanation he responded that

Happiness is דברים שבלב  as it says in תהילים  Which is recited in Davening 

Every shabbos  ישמח לב מבקשי ה׳. Happiness is a cardiac rooted feeling . It does 

Not need an expression. Undoubtedly , Maran Harav Y.D. Halevi Soloveitchik, zt’l

Was a very happy man. Perhaps not fitting the juvenile profile described by Rabbi

Zelig Pliskin,shlita. A member of the Family of Maran Harav  Soloveitchik,zt’l 

Made it quite clear to me that the Rav’s position regarding happiness is that it

Does not require an external expression. A stoic can enjoy happiness of and in life.


Rabbi Pliskin , shlita quotes pieces of Alfred Adler. I can suggest that Rabbi Pliskin

Read Paul Johnson’s book ‘intellectuals’ where he has less than flattering biographical sketch of Adler’s unhealthy life. 


Bertrand Russell ,a British philosopher and Victor Frankl who was a philosopher and a practicing psychologist disagrees with Rabbi Pliskin. They  both maintain that the

Pursuit of happiness is the only impediment to happiness. Rabbi Leib Tropper

Uses the description ‘the taking of one’s happiness temperature ‘ is the nemesis for

Growing the experience of happiness


My assertion is that Rabbi Pliskin’s position on happiness is empty of any emotional

Depth and is inaccurate from a Torah perspective and a Secular perspective.

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Rationalist Judaism? What does that mean?

Based on a recent lecture in Syracuse, New York- recorded by Avi Bluming


An unresolved topic is the issue of a Judaism based on “rationalism”.Though the Rambam AKA Maimonides is considered one of the most important thinkers of Jewish philosophy, he Suffered Much undesired controversy. The critics of his rationalistic project were great thinkers such as Hasdai Crescas and R’Don Yitzchok Abarvanel. Another important alternative to Maimonidean Rationalism was jewish mysticism AKA Kabbalah . R’ Don Issac Abarvanel is Particularly critical of the Rambam’s understanding of miracles which downplays their supernatural qualities. In Abarvanels books, Mifalot Elokim and Rosh Amana he asserts that Miracles are supernatural events performed by Hashem directly as the creator of the Universe.


During the 11th century jews were blessed with a unique scholar known as Rabbenu Yehuda Halevi. He authored a book that the Gaon of Vilna encouraged jews to study. The book was Called the ‘Kuzari’.


The Kuzari expected religion to be based in a subjective and personal experience not rational Explanation (that is how he explains the episode of Moshe Rabbenu and the sneh aka burning Bush).


However in contrast to R’ Don Y Abarvanel, the Kuzari was not anti Rationalist.


(To be continued)

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A dialogue with Rav Leib Tropper-June 22 2014 Recorded by David Gold

Rabbi Leib Tropper, what do you think triggers so much emotional angst amongst People today?



Response- If surveys count for anything , I guess the feeling of meaninglessness pushes People into an emotional maelstrom. Recent surveys tell that 70 percent of people suffer The feeling of absence of meaning in life. It is profound sardonic humor in a world abundant with Material distraction. The “God shaped vacuum” has yet to find a spiritual or emotional Utopia.


Rav Moshe Chaim Lutzato in the opening of his most celebrated work called ” Mesilas Yeshorim” talks about the ultimate meaning for a Jew . To constantly strive to master The art of servitude to God is the only true meaning of a jew’s life. The dynamic and static Pleasure and contentment experienced by striving for the above is most fulfilling.


Q-Rabbi Leib Tropper, does that imply that non Jews have no meaning in life?


Response- of course they can have real meaning. There however is one caveat to discovering Meaning. One will never find meaning if Maslow’s “self actualization” is the focus of their life.

Meaning is only felt in transcendence . Rav Yitzchok of Volozin writes in the introduction to His sacred book Nefesh Hachaim that he heard from his father (Rav Chaim of Volozin) that Man’s life purpose is to help others.



(To be continued)

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Rav Scheinberg and his student Rabbi Leib Tropper

The Rosh Yeshiva , zt’l  Maran Harav Chaim Pinchos Scheinberg would call Rabbi Tropper

Affectionately , Leibe’le for a number of reasons.

Rabbi Tropper arrived to the yeshiva when he was all of the sum of 14 plus. ‘Leibe’le’ is

Usually the appropriate name. 

Rabbi Leib Tropper grew up in the lower east side in the vicinity of Harav Scheinberg andWould often see him .

For a number of years ,Harav Scheinberg ,zt’l would review his weekly advanced Lecture

With ‘Leibe’le’ before he delivered it to the whole school body (60 students in those days)

It was no surprise that the Rosh Yeshiva identified him as a Talmud Muvhak in a video 

At a yeshiva dinner.

When Rabbi Tropper was considering transferring to another yeshiva, the Rosh Yeshiva

Spent 2 days trying to find a true way it satisfy his needs in Torah Ore. Rabbi Leib Tropper

Understood how much his remaining meant to his Rosh Yeshiva , he decided to remain and

Established a chavrusa with a karliner chassidic learning 6 blast a night. This lasted for over

8 months. The Rosh Yeshiva , zt’l thought that eight blatt a night was too much.

Written by Amrom Nevis

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Meaning in life: The Torah and Victor Frankl- lecture of Rabbi Leib Tropper Recorded and written by David Gold

The following is a contracted version of a lecture delivered not long ago by Rav Leib Tropper.


The noted French Philosopher and prolific writer ,Albert Camus wrote on page 3 Of his book titled ‘ there is but one truly serious philosophical problem, and that is Suicide’ and he continues ” judging whether life is or is not worth living amounts to Answering the fundamental question of philosophy”.

Auschwitz survivor, author of 43 books and journals , founder of the school of Logotherapy ,Victor Frankl succeeded in convincing many that although Hitler Was evil incarnate together with his most odious agents of vitriol ;real living has the possibility of continuing with added dimension. Obsessed with communicating The invisible invincible power of meaning ,Dr Frankl authored books ,that highlighted this point. As personal experience may be the only trustworthy Historicity,Victor Frankl qualifies for trustworthiness.

Some of the most popular books he wrote include, Man’s search for meaning, Man’s search for ultimate meaning , the unheard cry for meaning, the will to Meaning, the doctor of the soul and others.

In Dr Frankl’s book , the unheard cry for meaning he challenges the notion Or the dream that if the socioeconomic condition of people improved substantially , Everything will be ok…the world would sing…the cerulean sky would smile at and With us and people will be happy. The Real truth is however, that as the difficult Economic Struggle for survival has subsided, the question has forcefully emerged:

Survival for what?

Next: The Clarion Torah Response

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