Daas Torah: Between Jew and anotherJew – from the great RabbIs

( points from Rav Leib Tropper’s lecture written by David Gold)

1- The Chazon Ish,zt’l writes in his letters that ” Man is full of mistakes”

2-מרן Rav Shach,זצ״ל once told a choson that a man should enter his home
With a smile and leave with a smile ….for guaranteed Sholom Bayis( פניני רב שך)

3-one should avoid making many requests from people (Chazon Ish)

4-one should avoid borrowing Money from people (Chazon Ish)

5-The great “Pnei Yehoshua” on meseches Kesubos pg112 a writes that when
The gemora ibid writes that he who lives in Eretz Yisroel lives without sin, that is
Referring to one who lives in EY in order to fulfill the mitzva of Yishuv EY, but if
One’ choice of living in EY is based on the beauty of EY or the climate of EY or
Any other motive is not included in the blessing of the Gemora in Kesubos.

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