Daas Torah: the words of the Chazon Ish,zt’l – Rav Leib Tropper-recorded by David Gold

A very confusing word to say the least. Daas Torah as a concept has been uncontested for the most part until relatively recently. Daas Torah which is the
Word used to express the view of the Torah in an authoritative sense, highlights
Those views that are not treated as if they are in the “domain״ of Torah  although
They ought to.

One is not considered to have “Daas Torah” unless they have earned the title
“Talmid Chochom”. This statement would probably be contested,as it is quite
Difficult to achieve the status of a Talmid Chochom. In the maelstrom of our
Turbulent times there isn’t an abundance of people who are considered to be talmeidei chachomim.  It is our diluted perspective that allows us to believe
That one can be involved in prime rib ‘loshon  hora’ , learn Torah and be called a
Talmid Chochom. It is our “small mindedness” that allows us to merge a full time scientist and a part time learner who uses a computer search for Torah information,
To be categorized as a Torah Scholar.

That is by all standards an illusion. It is actually a dangerous illusion. Professional
Stand up comedians who learn for 3 hours per day are not Daas Torah though
They may act as if………

Sitting and studying everything but the depths of Talmud cannot qualify as a
Torah Scholar in the traditional sense of the word.

Rabbonim who tell tear jerking stories to their congregants may have the gift of
Articulation and power of inspiration . That has no influence on being a Torah
Scholar. (To be continued)

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