What is not happiness?

There is much written about the one of the ineffable emotions called happiness.


Even a writer unknown to most of the population at large but familiar to many

In the Orthodox Community , Rabbi Zelig Pliskin ,attempts to press a position

Regarding Happiness.


Rabbi Leib Tropper,shlita  does not suggest to invite himself into the Happiness

Topic. When I asked Rabbi Leib Tropper for an explanation he responded that

Happiness is דברים שבלב  as it says in תהילים  Which is recited in Davening 

Every shabbos  ישמח לב מבקשי ה׳. Happiness is a cardiac rooted feeling . It does 

Not need an expression. Undoubtedly , Maran Harav Y.D. Halevi Soloveitchik, zt’l

Was a very happy man. Perhaps not fitting the juvenile profile described by Rabbi

Zelig Pliskin,shlita. A member of the Family of Maran Harav  Soloveitchik,zt’l 

Made it quite clear to me that the Rav’s position regarding happiness is that it

Does not require an external expression. A stoic can enjoy happiness of and in life.


Rabbi Pliskin , shlita quotes pieces of Alfred Adler. I can suggest that Rabbi Pliskin

Read Paul Johnson’s book ‘intellectuals’ where he has less than flattering biographical sketch of Adler’s unhealthy life. 


Bertrand Russell ,a British philosopher and Victor Frankl who was a philosopher and a practicing psychologist disagrees with Rabbi Pliskin. They  both maintain that the

Pursuit of happiness is the only impediment to happiness. Rabbi Leib Tropper

Uses the description ‘the taking of one’s happiness temperature ‘ is the nemesis for

Growing the experience of happiness


My assertion is that Rabbi Pliskin’s position on happiness is empty of any emotional

Depth and is inaccurate from a Torah perspective and a Secular perspective.

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