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The Following Topics will be Discussed on Youtube over the Next few months with Rabbi Leib Tropper

1-Prayers with Tears   2-What and who is a Rabbi?   3-Strict and Halachic Leniency   4-Is there a hebrew word for ‘fun’?   5-The qualities of a friend   6-A Comparative study of Truth And Truthfullness   7-Living in … Continue reading

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What is not happiness?

There is much written about the one of the ineffable emotions called happiness.   Even a writer unknown to most of the population at large but familiar to many In the Orthodox Community , Rabbi Zelig Pliskin ,attempts to press … Continue reading

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Rationalist Judaism? What does that mean?

Based on a recent lecture in Syracuse, New York- recorded by Avi Bluming   An unresolved topic is the issue of a Judaism based on “rationalism”.Though the Rambam AKA Maimonides is considered one of the most important thinkers of Jewish … Continue reading

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