A dialogue with Rav Leib Tropper-June 22 2014 Recorded by David Gold

Rabbi Leib Tropper, what do you think triggers so much emotional angst amongst People today?



Response- If surveys count for anything , I guess the feeling of meaninglessness pushes People into an emotional maelstrom. Recent surveys tell that 70 percent of people suffer The feeling of absence of meaning in life. It is profound sardonic humor in a world abundant with Material distraction. The “God shaped vacuum” has yet to find a spiritual or emotional Utopia.


Rav Moshe Chaim Lutzato in the opening of his most celebrated work called ” Mesilas Yeshorim” talks about the ultimate meaning for a Jew . To constantly strive to master The art of servitude to God is the only true meaning of a jew’s life. The dynamic and static Pleasure and contentment experienced by striving for the above is most fulfilling.


Q-Rabbi Leib Tropper, does that imply that non Jews have no meaning in life?


Response- of course they can have real meaning. There however is one caveat to discovering Meaning. One will never find meaning if Maslow’s “self actualization” is the focus of their life.

Meaning is only felt in transcendence . Rav Yitzchok of Volozin writes in the introduction to His sacred book Nefesh Hachaim that he heard from his father (Rav Chaim of Volozin) that Man’s life purpose is to help others.



(To be continued)

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