Rav Scheinberg and his student Rabbi Leib Tropper

The Rosh Yeshiva , zt’l  Maran Harav Chaim Pinchos Scheinberg would call Rabbi Tropper

Affectionately , Leibe’le for a number of reasons.

Rabbi Tropper arrived to the yeshiva when he was all of the sum of 14 plus. ‘Leibe’le’ is

Usually the appropriate name. 

Rabbi Leib Tropper grew up in the lower east side in the vicinity of Harav Scheinberg andWould often see him .

For a number of years ,Harav Scheinberg ,zt’l would review his weekly advanced Lecture

With ‘Leibe’le’ before he delivered it to the whole school body (60 students in those days)

It was no surprise that the Rosh Yeshiva identified him as a Talmud Muvhak in a video 

At a yeshiva dinner.

When Rabbi Tropper was considering transferring to another yeshiva, the Rosh Yeshiva

Spent 2 days trying to find a true way it satisfy his needs in Torah Ore. Rabbi Leib Tropper

Understood how much his remaining meant to his Rosh Yeshiva , he decided to remain and

Established a chavrusa with a karliner chassidic learning 6 blast a night. This lasted for over

8 months. The Rosh Yeshiva , zt’l thought that eight blatt a night was too much.

Written by Amrom Nevis

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