Meaning in life: The Torah and Victor Frankl- lecture of Rabbi Leib Tropper Recorded and written by David Gold

The following is a contracted version of a lecture delivered not long ago by Rav Leib Tropper.


The noted French Philosopher and prolific writer ,Albert Camus wrote on page 3 Of his book titled ‘ there is but one truly serious philosophical problem, and that is Suicide’ and he continues ” judging whether life is or is not worth living amounts to Answering the fundamental question of philosophy”.

Auschwitz survivor, author of 43 books and journals , founder of the school of Logotherapy ,Victor Frankl succeeded in convincing many that although Hitler Was evil incarnate together with his most odious agents of vitriol ;real living has the possibility of continuing with added dimension. Obsessed with communicating The invisible invincible power of meaning ,Dr Frankl authored books ,that highlighted this point. As personal experience may be the only trustworthy Historicity,Victor Frankl qualifies for trustworthiness.

Some of the most popular books he wrote include, Man’s search for meaning, Man’s search for ultimate meaning , the unheard cry for meaning, the will to Meaning, the doctor of the soul and others.

In Dr Frankl’s book , the unheard cry for meaning he challenges the notion Or the dream that if the socioeconomic condition of people improved substantially , Everything will be ok…the world would sing…the cerulean sky would smile at and With us and people will be happy. The Real truth is however, that as the difficult Economic Struggle for survival has subsided, the question has forcefully emerged:

Survival for what?

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