A perspective from David Gold

When Rabbi Leib Tropper speaks , one feels that he really means It. Whatever the assigned topic, Rabbi Leib Tropper speaks with passion, compassion Sharp intellect and transparent poetic emotion. Perhaps that is one of the reasons my Rabbi , Rabbi Leib Tropper enjoys reading the works and poetry of the Prague born poet , Rainer Wilke an only child of an unhappy marriage.

Recently , Rabbi Leib Tropper referred me to a small piece of Rainer’s writing. It reads “I come home from the soaring, in which I lost myself.I was song, and refrain which is G’D is still roaring in my ears.

Now I am still and plain:No more words” Rabbi Leib Tropper doesn’t display emotion outside of a lecture . When he read to me the Above it was all emotion. He then went on to show me the writings of chassidic masters who share the same perspective As the words of Rilke above.

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