Caucus in Pennsylvania

Is Judaism rational?

Joining Rabbi Leib Tropper at his lectures, discussions and caucuses is a pleasure. This past week Rabbi Leib Tropper joined a caucus held in Southern Pennsylvania discussing rationality and Judaism. One of the earlier figures of Jewish enlightenment was Moses Mendelssohn. The enlightenment Movement attempted to put tremendous emphasis on reason over clerical authority. Riding on The back of this “enlightenment” was a Judaism prepared for reform based on their ideals.

Rabbi Leib Tropper continued by challenging the idea that their is an independent “rationale” Other than G’d’s. The source of all wisdom from a Religious perspective is G’D ,hence Modifying practices that are divine in the face of the eternal wisdom of G’D is foolish and no Less arrogant.

 Unfortunately, subsequent derivatives of Mendelssohn like Geiger expanded Mendelssohn’s Heresy to the extreme conclusion that parts of Halacha are historical relics.

The lack of knowledge compounded by the hubris that was the composition of men like Geiger And his ilk demonstrated earned him great embarrassment in the Orthodox circles.The Eternal wisdom of Torah is rooted in the eternity of G’D . Is G’D not rational? Rabbi Leib Tropper continued to present the arguments against Mendelssohn from his Contemporaries.

(Written by David Gold)

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