Psychology-The religion of and for the self

Rabbi Leib Tropper was the third speaker at this forum. He opened his statement by stating that Theories and practices of psychology , however the name are rooted and sometimes directed By Freud. Adlerian therapy, Rogerian therapy, Reikian therapy, Imago therapy and parts of Fritz Pearls Gestalt therapy are built on the foundation of the Godless Jew , Sigmund Freud.

In Judaism ( Rabbi chaim of Volozin) the purpose of the self is to cultivate a selflessness which Declares the divinity of the human soul. In the universe of pathetic reductionists particularly Freud and Novelist Ayn Rand aka Alysa Rosenbaum, the “self” is for cultivating “selfism” and Worshipping it.

Rabbi Leib Tropper continued by asking the participants to try to comprehend and To understand the tragic impact of Freudian psychology and it’s branches have on values We must first concur that Human behavior is Primarily ethical behavior.

The reflex declaration of the Freudian practioner is humanly crippling . By attaching scientific Adjectives to character malfunctions we undermine the principle of personal responsibility.
Freudian psychology as currently practiced allows the world to regard many individuals as ” irresponsible patients” to borrow a phrase from Thomas Szaz.

Written by David Gold


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