Anger- The Nemesis of Character

Once again Rabbi Leib Tropper was asked to share some words Regarding the above topic.

This took place in Eastern Long Island. The 18 participants were Members of the Executive circle Of the Character first program. I was privileged to be able to join.

Rabbi Leib Tropper opened his Discussion with a quote from the Book ‘Anger: The Misunderstood Emotion’ by the noted author Carol Tavris. She writes in the first chapter of her book that “Caged anger over time will dissipate” meaning that outbursts of anger or rage are Never justified though Common.

The Kabbalist, The Alshich writes That expressing anger on Shabbos is a violation of the sanctity of Shabbos. Rage invites all sorts of physical and spiritual maladies. The domino effect on other emotions is nothing less than Devastation.

President FDR told a friend a few Minutes before he was going to Deliver an angry message in a public speech ‘This is the best speech I will ever regret’!

(To be continued)

Written by David Gold


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