Truth and lies- part 1

Rabbi Leib Tropper was invited to speak upstate in a university. The topic was titled “Truth and lies and all in between”. Most participants were graduating students. One of the Professor’s introduced my Teacher, Rabbi Leib Tropper. Rabbi Leib Tropper brought up the Biblical story of the patriarch Jacob who identified himself To his father Issac as Esau which appears as untrue in the conventional understanding of The word ‘truth’.

The Torah position is that the only truth is what G-D declares to be true. In that sense since the Blessings come from G-D and we’re designed for Jacob any one attempting to alter The recipient ,is actively lying to G-D. This is the understanding of many particularly Hagaon  Harav Leib Chasman ob’m of Hebron. There is also the astounding Biblical story of Cain killing His brother Abel. Rabbi Leib Tropper pointed out that though Cain was severely punished for Killing Abel he was not punished for DENYING to G-D that he had killed Cain when G-D asked Him.

The famous author Celia Bok in her book “Lying” defines the crime of lying as depriving one Of their rightful access to information also to be interpreted as sub-category of stealing.Hence if one is asked by a thief if they have hundreds of dollars in their possession and The victim denies it ,there is no crime of lying even if the victim does have the money and is Verbally altering the fact.

We will continue this article in a few days.

(Written by David Gold)

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