Rabbi Leib Tropper Returns from Family celebrations in Israel

This past month Rabbi Leib Tropper celebrated two special Occasions .One was the Wedding of his grandson held during the last week of December and the other Was the Bar Mitzva of a grandson held on Parshas B’shalach. The Wedding was celebrated with much festivity and joy with An oversized crowd of participants.

The Choson’s Rebbeim and Other Roshei Yeshiva joined in this momentous occasion. During Rabbi Leib Tropper’s stay in Eretz Yisroel he lectured and delivered shiurim in a few Israeli Kolelim.

Rabbi Leib Tropper had the opportunity to meet with a few Gedolei Yisroel, shlita. An Alumni reunioun was one of the highlights of the trip. 40 couples paticipated in the Melave Malka full of Divrei Torah And song .

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