Ohr Sameach in Israel

Orthodox rabbi Leib Tropper has accumulated four rabbinic ordinations. His first ordination was from Hagaon Harav Sroyohu Deblitzky shlita, and he has also received ordinations from Harav Betzalel Zolty and Maran Harav Elazar Menachem Man Shach zt”l with the highest regard. After receiving his ordinations, Leib Tropper worked at Ohr Sameach, an organization with locations in Yonkers and in Monsey, New York, that leads the world in performing Jewish outreach.

Based in Jerusalem, Ohr Sameach strives to instill Jewish pride in university students through education. For more than three decades, Ohr Sameach has taught members of the Diaspora to own their heritage by helping them build and maintain their Jewish identity. Students from around the world are able to learn in their own language at Ohr Sameach, and at their own pace.

Ohr Sameach reaches out to the brightest college students and recent graduates in secular studies and offers them the opportunity to expand their knowledge of Jewish studies. The school staffs Jewish scholars from top universities in the United States, and offers studies in the Talmud in intensive, small group settings.

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