Could the knowledge of secular ideas benefit the Jewish Religion?

Rabbi Leib Tropper was paid a Visit by some students and had discussions about issues relating to the practice of a Torah lifestyle. One of the questions Posed to Rabbi Leib Tropper was Conciliation between psychology And Torah and philosophy and Torah.

 Rabbi Leib Tropper delicately Explained that Harav Dessler,zt’l Has a problem with the psychology practiced today.(See Michtav meliyahu end of volume

Other authors and scholars of Torah also were skeptical at best That ‘complexities of the soul’ Could successfully be addressed by a secular pseudo Science.


Rabbi Leib Tropper continued and poignantly referred to the Talmudic Statement in Medrash Eicha which states “If one is to Tell you that there is wisdom owned by the Other nations of The world ,Believe them…for it Is true”

Rabbi Leib Tropper continues and agrees that The world taught us so much in the area of Mathematics, Astronomy, medicine and art …However in areas where Torah has definitive opinion ,secular knowledge is not a consideration.

The Vilna Gaon ,zy’a writes in his commentary a stong critique of Maimondies’s engagement with Philosophy and he phrases his critique ‘The cursed philosophy turned the Rambam’s thought Away from truth’ (Y’D Vol 2)

The Dean of the prestigious yeshiva of Volozin,Rav Naftali Tzvi Y Berlin,zt’l shares a lengthy Explanation of the Rambam’s Attraction to philosophy in his Responsa mayshiv davar.



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