Rabbi Leib Tropper Supports New “Character First” Project

Rabbi Leib Tropper, a recognized scholar, is currently involved in a new project called “Character First.” The rabbi, who has shared his knowledge about character development with young adults throughout the U.S. and Europe, has long been a proponent of the subject. Since he was 12 years old, Rabbi Leib Tropper has devoted his time to spiritual learning and development.

Emphasizing the importance of formulating good character, the new “Character Building” project has been praised by rabbis, educators, and others. Endorsed by prominent figures in Orthodox Judaism, Binyamen Greenberg and Moshe Hollender, the project is central to the theme and spirit of traditional Judaism.

Rabbi Leib Tropper’s major role in the project is to assemble character-building information and to convey those attributes that contribute to such qualities as trustworthiness, responsibility, respectfulness, and fairness. A significant goal of the project is to assist young people in being more cognizant of their behavior in their everyday life.

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