Rabbi Leib Tropper discusses Christopher Hitchens


At a gathering of students, new to judaism,Rabbi Leib Tropper engaged students in what was Called “Hitchens Atheism”

Hitchens ,who up to his recent Death was one of the most vociferous, proud but sarcastic Atheists who wrote numerous books About G’D ,Theology and what He dubs as the “Gibberish about Religion” .

 Rabbi Leib Tropper commented that Christopher Hitchens shares the sentiment of one who ‘Hates’ G’D More than not believing in G’D.

Rabbi Leib Tropper remarked that it is similar to what Eric Wilson writes in his book “Against happiness” that “Some people Are so busy with the G-D they Don’t believe in ,it makes one Wonder…..”


Though it is true that Hitchens shares the same passion for atheism as Bertrand Russell , one Wonders if they are repetitive in Their ranting.  To say that “religion poisons everything” is Blasphemous. Not because it Denies G’D…but because of the Defilement of human character.

Rabbi Leib Tropper pointed out that Hitchens is suprisingly a jew hence the vexing conscious of Guilt is one suspicion which is Consistent with his tone of anger.


Rabbi Leib Tropper continued to challenge some of the elementary ideas of Hitchens and was fielding many questions From protagonists and antagonists.

 A participant remarked that this Lecture was really animated and helpful.

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