Leib Tropper

In the second of a series of Q&A

From many psychiatrists and students of psychiatry , psychologists and therapists , Rabbi Leib Tropper was questioned about  the Reticence of many to accept The above practices as the method to develop a psycho hygenic lifestyle.

From Thomas Szasz to R.D. Laing to the noted Psychologist and Author of “Psychology : The religion of self worship” Paul Vitz,and even the famous Dr Victor Frankl  realize that Maladies of the mind can be treated with Healthier alternatives.

Dean of Philosophy in CCNY ,Dr Lou Marinoff ,earned fame when he authored the Book, “Plato not Prozac”. A book highly recommended for it poignancy and articulation of his position to Remedy the “ostensible” Remedy Of psychotherapy.

For someone who feels that his Life has no meaning, for one who Experienced loss etc…the analysis that he has an illness may be inaccurate. The treatment perhaps should be focused on finding Value in the Experience ,or find how growth Can be achieved through these Unexpected life-turns.

Human mentation is more complex then animal mentation. I doubt that the average mental Health practitioner has a way to Truly mitigate one’s noetic discomfort.

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