Rabbi Leib Tropper Returns to Israel

Rabbi Tropper recently returned from a trip to Israel, where he observed the first anniversary of his father’s passing. His father, Rabbi Yehuda Tropper, is buried in a cemetery in Har Harmenuchot, near Jersualem. Rabbi Leib Tropper’s wife, Laurel Blond, as well as his sisters and brothers, accompanied him to his father’s grave.

Rabbi Yehuda Tropper, ob’m, served as a first grade teacher for thirty years at the renowned Rabbi Jacob Joseph School in Staten Island, New York. Subsequently, he undertook employment with his brother, Abe. Upon the death of his wife Rivka, ob’m, Rabbi Yehuda Tropper traveled back to America to stay in the home of his son, Rabbi Leib Tropper. He passed away at the age of 95.

In addition to paying his respects to his father’s memory, the trip to Israel also afforded Rabbi Tropper and his wife the opportunity to visit their two children and ten grandchildren who currently reside in Israel.

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