Leib Tropper: “Character First” project aims to develop good character

Well-known religious scholar and educator Rabbi Leib Tropper is involved in a new project called “Character First.” Based in Israel, the project aims to work with students and young adults to develop good character. According to Rabbi Tropper, much of the spirit of the Jewish tradition is concerned with character development.

Rabbi Tropper’s primary role in “Character First” is to collect information about the importance of good character and to write about issues related to character development. Various leaders, educators, and rabbis have given their support and encouragement to this project.

Author Leib Tropper.A Torah scholar since the age of 15, Rabbi Leib Tropper has traveled extensively throughout the United States and Europe to share his comprehensive knowledge of the character-building aspects of Halachic law. He has introduced many secular Jews to the ideas of good character through speaking engagements at Stanford University, Yale University, the University of Cambridge, and other academic centers around the world.

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