Leib Tropper Provides a Brief History of Jerusalem’s Hurva Synagogue

Located in the center of Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter, the Hurva Synagogue once served as one of the city’s main houses of worship. The original construction began in 1700 and was led by Rabbi Judah the Hassid. In 1721, local residents demolished the under-funded, half-finished synagogue, leaving it in ruins or “hurva,” for years to come. Over 100 years later, Ibrahim Pasha restarted construction on the sacred building, naming it the Hurva Synagogue in honor of its early history.

Jews worshipped in the synagogue from its completion in 1856 until it was demolished once again during the War of 1948. Over the following decades, Jewish officials considered numerous restoration projects, but it wasn’t until 2005 that the Israeli government began work on a $6.2 million project to rebuild the Hurva Synagogue. They completed the restoration project in 2010.

Post author Leib Tropper.An avid traveler, Leib Tropper lived and worked in Jerusalem for five years. One of the founders of the Kol Yaakov Yeshiva and Torah Center in Monsey, New York, Leib Tropper plays an active role in the Jewish community.

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