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Rabbi Leib Tropper & Philosophy

The Talmudic scholar ,Rabbi Leib Tropper has recently written a Philosophical essay regarding a Most complex issue. Rabbi Leib Tropper wrote this introductory Article regarding Solipsism. Rabbi Leib Tropper Remarked about this topic when asked ‘Solipsm is Rarely gemane to … Continue reading

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Tips on Traveling to Israel

By Rabbi Leib Tropper Traveling to Israel is exciting and should be stress free. While Israel’s border procedures are known for being rigorous, if one is prepared they are not onerous. Travelers must have their passports and the entry forms … Continue reading

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The Pergamon Museum: Berlin’s Showcase of Antiquity

Rabbi Leib Tropper discusses the Pergamon Museum located on Museum Island in Berlin. The average traveler to Europe may not necessarily think of Berlin when planning an itinerary of museum tours. However, Berlin’s Pergamon Museum holds a world-renowned collection of … Continue reading

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