Leib Tropper begins new program

Rabbi Leib Tropper started  a new program about a year ago called ‘Shoel and Mashiv’ translated means questions and responses.

The over 1,500 questions that Rabbi leib Tropper responded to ranged from laws of Kashruth,Laws of charging interest on loans, Laws of wedding , laws of prayer, laws of mourning.
From the responses ,one can appreciate the Vast Knowledge and memory Rabbi Leib Tropper was blessed to possess. We begin to understand the Immense respect accorded to Rabbi Leib Tropper by so Many of the World’s leading Rabbi’s.

Sample of some questions:1)Is honoring one’s parents a requirement if parents are not observant?

2)If there is a medical emergency which requires the patient to be brought to the hospital , should one call a Non Jewish ambulance or drive himself on shabbat?


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