Rabbi Leib Tropper Explains a Yeshiva Education

Since grade school, Rabbi Leib Tropper has been entrenched in Torah study. Now a published researcher and scholar, Tropper offers some insights into a religious-based, Jewish education.

Q. What is a yeshiva?
A. A yeshiva is an educational institution that specializes in the teachings of the Jewish faith. Yeshivot (the plural of yeshiva) can be found at all levels of education including grade school and at the high school levels. While not exclusively designed to do so, a yeshiva education can serve as the backbone for those studying to become ordained rabbis. While many pursuing life as a rabbi will attend yeshiva at the university level, the institutions are designed to further one’s understanding of the faith without being relegated to the role of rabbi-training centers.

Q. What is studied at a yeshiva?
A. The primary course of study at yeshiva revolves around the Torah. The Torah is Judaism’s principle text and it defines Jewish law, history, and morality. In fact, Torah study is regarded so highly in Jewish tradition that its study can outweigh other traditional duties. Typically, students study in pairs, and are encouraged to openly debate the text with one another and learn from each other’s insights.

Author Leib TropperAbout the author: Rabbi Leib Tropper is currently involved in the Character First program and believes that the primary concern of the Torah is character development. He has received testimonials from leading rabbis regarding his work with the project, which promotes the principles of good character to children and young adults.

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