Daas Torah: Between Jew and anotherJew – from the great RabbIs

( points from Rav Leib Tropper’s lecture written by David Gold)

1- The Chazon Ish,zt’l writes in his letters that ” Man is full of mistakes”

2-מרן Rav Shach,זצ״ל once told a choson that a man should enter his home
With a smile and leave with a smile ….for guaranteed Sholom Bayis( פניני רב שך)

3-one should avoid making many requests from people (Chazon Ish)

4-one should avoid borrowing Money from people (Chazon Ish)

5-The great “Pnei Yehoshua” on meseches Kesubos pg112 a writes that when
The gemora ibid writes that he who lives in Eretz Yisroel lives without sin, that is
Referring to one who lives in EY in order to fulfill the mitzva of Yishuv EY, but if
One’ choice of living in EY is based on the beauty of EY or the climate of EY or
Any other motive is not included in the blessing of the Gemora in Kesubos.

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Daas Torah: words of the Chazon Ish, Chofetz Chaim and others

Moshiach:-The Talmud says that Moshiach will arrive in a generation who are totally innocent Of sin or a generation who are guilty of sin (Sanhedrin 98)

Hagaon Harav Chaim Brim,zt’l in his Sefer ‘Marbe Chaim’ quotes the Chazon ish,zt’l  as introducing a novel interpretation of this painful Gemora mentioned above. After all, can we Really expect a total innocent generation? That thought is emotionally debilitating even to The righteous.

The Chazon Ish offers his sensibly composed view that the innocent refers also to the sinners of today as they are all “innocent” sinners which is termed in Talmudic language as תינוק שנשבה.

Marriage- The Chofetz Chaim maintained that choson and Kalah visiting each other excessively, Is one of the main causes for the absence of “shalom bayis” in homes. This is quoted by the Son in law of the Chofetz Chaim , Maran Harav M Zaks, zt’l. See Sefer טיפה מן הים.

Chumra- of R’ Chaim Brisker,zt’l- in a recent Sefer printed, mostly memoirs of Maran Harav Aharon Leib Steinman, shlita it is quoted that if a chair was removed from its original place, Rav Chaim zt’l Would not return the chair to its place because of the חשש of עשיית אהל on Shabbos .

Causing others to be happy- in the recently published Sefer כתרה של תורה page 86 Maran Harav Shmuel Berenbaum,zt’l is quoted as saying ” The greatest good deed a Jew can do, is to make Another Jew happy and to help another Jew “

Non Jews-in the above mentioned Sefer ,it is quoted that Rosh Yeshivas Mir , Maran Harav Berenbaum, zt’l would get quite annoyed when hearing Yeshiva Bochurim  using nasty adjectives when discussing non jews. He would ask rhetorically how can one speak  so nasty about a  person who is a צלם אלוקים? ( an image of G’D)

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Stoicism and Serving god with passion – Rabbi Leib Tropper -Written by David Gold

Lecture delivered in Pennsylvania during the summer . Recorded  and written by
David Gold
Marcus Aurelius praises his stoic tutor Sextus of Chaeronea for being free
From passion yet full of love AKA natural affection. (Meditations, 1.9)
Because the Stoics appear to have used the guidance of reason to pursue
Virtue it was easier for them to love the ordinary person. Reason offered them
A vision of some virtue in everyone. Emotion is often not fair and can be
Very discriminating.
The founder of Stoicism , Zeno of Citium which survived as a way of life for
Some for close to 500 years had a ‘ way of of life ‘ to offer. Modern day
Philosophers are not certain how to understand and apply the principles of
Stoicism today. A passionless life of virtue is a complex idea.
The Torah perspective is quite different. The performance of acts of virtue
Require passion , warmth or in Hungarian ‘patima’.
In the book of Psalms King David says “all my bones speak your praises”.
When a Jew is able to serve consistently with enthusiasm, warmth and
Passion he/she have reached the capstone of spiritual achievement.
In some houses of service, silence during prayers is the way of the seriously
Penitent communicate.. And carries a palliative component for the common
We will soon see that the Jews in Egypt constantly raised their vocal
Protest to Hashem regarding their suffering. They CALLED out to G’D
Etc..far from a silent protest…
When Jews join in answering ‘yehay shamay raba’ in a gallant and vociferous
Manner , we are taught in the Talmud that the gates of heaven are opened
Even if they were closed.
The passion spreads to the physical as the body oscillates and the hands
Implore G’D for his intervention during what is called the silent shmone
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Daas Torah: the words of the Chazon Ish,zt’l – Rav Leib Tropper-recorded by David Gold

A very confusing word to say the least. Daas Torah as a concept has been uncontested for the most part until relatively recently. Daas Torah which is the
Word used to express the view of the Torah in an authoritative sense, highlights
Those views that are not treated as if they are in the “domain״ of Torah  although
They ought to.

One is not considered to have “Daas Torah” unless they have earned the title
“Talmid Chochom”. This statement would probably be contested,as it is quite
Difficult to achieve the status of a Talmid Chochom. In the maelstrom of our
Turbulent times there isn’t an abundance of people who are considered to be talmeidei chachomim.  It is our diluted perspective that allows us to believe
That one can be involved in prime rib ‘loshon  hora’ , learn Torah and be called a
Talmid Chochom. It is our “small mindedness” that allows us to merge a full time scientist and a part time learner who uses a computer search for Torah information,
To be categorized as a Torah Scholar.

That is by all standards an illusion. It is actually a dangerous illusion. Professional
Stand up comedians who learn for 3 hours per day are not Daas Torah though
They may act as if………

Sitting and studying everything but the depths of Talmud cannot qualify as a
Torah Scholar in the traditional sense of the word.

Rabbonim who tell tear jerking stories to their congregants may have the gift of
Articulation and power of inspiration . That has no influence on being a Torah
Scholar. (To be continued)

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The Wisdom of The Chazon Ish,zt’l

1-The Chazon Ish advised Men Seeking to marry to stay away From Stubborn women. (Maran Harav Sternbuch,shlita in the name of the Chazon ish)

2-A Teacher in a yeshiva is not only required to be a competent Teacher and a good communicator ,a Teacher is required to be one with SUPERIOR character. (Emunah Ubetachon)

3-Choosing the right words to say captures the virtue of silence More than complete silence.

4-it is spiritually unhealthy and Dangerous to postpone talking with someone who seeks help and inspiration. (Letters of the Chazon ish)

5- it is quite doubtful that someone who lacks in his character could achieve torah Scholarship.

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The Following Topics will be Discussed on Youtube over the Next few months with Rabbi Leib Tropper

1-Prayers with Tears


2-What and who is a Rabbi?


3-Strict and Halachic Leniency


4-Is there a hebrew word for ‘fun’?


5-The qualities of a friend


6-A Comparative study of Truth

And Truthfullness


7-Living in Exile and its consequences


8-Respect for government

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What is not happiness?

There is much written about the one of the ineffable emotions called happiness.


Even a writer unknown to most of the population at large but familiar to many

In the Orthodox Community , Rabbi Zelig Pliskin ,attempts to press a position

Regarding Happiness.


Rabbi Leib Tropper,shlita  does not suggest to invite himself into the Happiness

Topic. When I asked Rabbi Leib Tropper for an explanation he responded that

Happiness is דברים שבלב  as it says in תהילים  Which is recited in Davening 

Every shabbos  ישמח לב מבקשי ה׳. Happiness is a cardiac rooted feeling . It does 

Not need an expression. Undoubtedly , Maran Harav Y.D. Halevi Soloveitchik, zt’l

Was a very happy man. Perhaps not fitting the juvenile profile described by Rabbi

Zelig Pliskin,shlita. A member of the Family of Maran Harav  Soloveitchik,zt’l 

Made it quite clear to me that the Rav’s position regarding happiness is that it

Does not require an external expression. A stoic can enjoy happiness of and in life.


Rabbi Pliskin , shlita quotes pieces of Alfred Adler. I can suggest that Rabbi Pliskin

Read Paul Johnson’s book ‘intellectuals’ where he has less than flattering biographical sketch of Adler’s unhealthy life. 


Bertrand Russell ,a British philosopher and Victor Frankl who was a philosopher and a practicing psychologist disagrees with Rabbi Pliskin. They  both maintain that the

Pursuit of happiness is the only impediment to happiness. Rabbi Leib Tropper

Uses the description ‘the taking of one’s happiness temperature ‘ is the nemesis for

Growing the experience of happiness


My assertion is that Rabbi Pliskin’s position on happiness is empty of any emotional

Depth and is inaccurate from a Torah perspective and a Secular perspective.

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